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194 by Mind Map: 194

1. Fit and Finish

1.1. Footer Keyboard Shortcuts

1.2. Minimize Component Regions

1.2.1. API

1.2.2. Shortcut

1.3. Port S1 Icons to Ext Console

1.4. Color Picker for header and footer

1.4.1. Color Picker

1.4.2. Still be able to accept raw hex

1.5. Lookup Component Search and Create

1.5.1. Use existing lookup or aura for stemming?

1.5.2. UX - How do search results not show scrollbars?

1.5.3. Can we reuse the create screen from lookup?

1.6. Shortcut to minimize the header

1.7. Clicking on the footer should pop it up again

1.8. UX Debt buglist

1.9. Responsive Sidebars

1.9.1. Min Height for compontn

1.9.2. Min Width for Components

1.9.3. Add details in user story Min width and height hide components If all components hidden, collapse sidebar Message in setup to show that this will happen on autosize Future: Show ellipsis to show hidden components

1.10. Quick Actions Spike

2. S1 Desktop

2.1. Aura Footer

2.2. Service Desk Perm

2.3. One.App Console Tabs

2.4. Console API and Keyboard Shortcuts Part 1

3. Smart and Simple

3.1. Templates

3.1.1. Architecture

3.1.2. 6 Templates for Console Default Email Response CTI Tier 3 Agent Console Telesales

3.1.3. Add that data would be needed

3.2. Analytics Component

3.3. Visual Workflow Component

3.4. Aloha Sidebar Component

3.4.1. Component Specifications - Bookmarks

4. Trust

4.1. Server Side Components shouldn't count in sidebar component limit

4.2. Reopen last closed tab

4.3. Open CTI Tab Label should be returned with searchAndScreenPop calls

4.4. Open CTI Picklist values, not numbers should be returned with calls

4.5. Agent Console End of Life

4.5.1. Ties in with Templates: Need Agent Console Template

4.5.2. Licensing

4.6. Support label fields in Console components instead of static text

4.7. Auto enable Console features

4.8. Open links from external sources directly in the Console

4.9. Pin Nav Tabs so that multiple views can be stored.

4.10. Ctlr-Click should open tabs in the background

4.11. Don't allow Consoles to be opened inside Consoles