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Get a job at CCP by Mind Map: Get a job at CCP

1. Graduate from Fmos

2. Get into Hint University

3. Find my speciality in making games

4. Master my speciality

5. Graduate from Hint

6. Apply for CCP

7. Be better at speaking english

8. watch movies and TV shows to here how they say the words

9. Talk to people from England and get there opinion on how well I speak

10. Watch more movies and TV shows

11. Read more books

12. Read books to learn more sofisticated words

13. Get one of my friends to speak english with my

14. Graduate from Fmos

15. Get into Hint university in Norway

16. find out what my speciality is in gaming

16.1. find out if I am better at Graphics, Processing or other thinks

17. Master my speciality

18. Graduate from Hint

19. apply for a job at CCP