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Just Wars? by Mind Map: Just Wars?
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Just Wars?

The First Crusade

Just Cause

The crusaded was not started as an act of self-defense, but for selfish reasons; want to take back the Holy Land.

Right Intention

Again, the Crusade did not begin as an act of self-defense, nor was it done to reciprocate an injustice.

Proportionality-ad bello

The Crusade did little for the Church, seeing as Jerusalem was only Christian for about 200 years.

Last Resort

Didn't try to come to an agreement in a diplomatic manner.

Proportionality-in bello

The Crusades did a lot of unnecessary killing, massacring and pillaging towns on the way to Jerusalem.

Right Intention- in bello

The Crusaders killed at random. In one instance, battled they fought Hungarians for food. Not supposed to kill for own benefit, but for the greater good.

Noncombatant Immunity-in bello

The Crusaders pillaged and massacred towns on their way to Jerusalem, though it wasn't necessary. A massacre ensued after the siege of Jerusalem.

The Battle of Agincourt

Just Cause- ad bello

Battle is not fought for self-defense, but for the honor of the English.

Probability of Success- ad bello

Obviously, afer some period of time, the chances of there being a victor are slight., The killing of hundreds if not thousands of lives are not worth a French crown.

Proportionality- ad bello

Battle fought during HUNDRED Years War for French crown.

Noncombatant Immunity-in bello

The English killed thousands of French prisoners.

The Counter Reformation

Violation of principles do not adhere. 'Tis a physical war.