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Federalists / Antifederalists by Mind Map: Federalists /
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Federalists / Antifederalists


Who They Were

Merchants & plantation owners, weathier than Antifederalists

They were supporters of the constitution, and believed it was a necessary improvement on the Articles

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay

What They Thought

Creation of fed. govt. to unite states into a nation

Focused arguments one inadequacies of Articles and benefits of national govt. under const.

Strong central govt. would foster commercial growth

Viewed society as diverse groups, const. would make sure no one group had complete control

Weak union of states = country more vulnerable to internal and external dissension

Problems of factions could be solved by controlling their effects, leaders could put national interest ahead of factional interests


Who They Were

Opposed to creation of a federal government

Mostly farmers and tradesmen

Believed each state should be own sovereign government

Consisted of local leaders who feared losing power under constitution

Patrick Henry, George Mason, Edmund Rudolf

What They Thought

Const. would create new, untested form of govt.

Didn't make sense to throw out existing govt.

Federalists overstated current political problems

Framers of const. were an elitist group under a veil of secrecy, violated provisions under Articles

Arguments similar to Revolutionary times

Associated centralized power with tyranny

Const. was step away from Democratic goals of Revolution towards evils of monarchy and aristocracy

Const. would give pres. too much power

Congress would be too aristocratic

Criticized the doc for a lack of Bill of Rights

Centralization of power = decline of political society towards tyranny

One govt. could not control such a large country