Just War Theory

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Just War Theory by Mind Map: Just War Theory

1. The Crusades

1.1. Legitamite Authority (ad bello)

1.2. Porportionality (ad bello/in bello)

1.3. Last Resort (ad bello)

2. The Blood Libel

2.1. Just Cause (ad bello)

2.2. Legitamite Authority (ad bello)

2.3. Right Intention (ad/in bello)

2.4. Last Resort (ad bello)

2.5. Porportionality (ad/in bello)

3. Canons 67, 68, 69, 70

3.1. Complete grounds for acts against Jews that would most likely go against Just War principles

4. The Black Plague blamed on Jews

4.1. Just Cause (ad bello)

4.2. Legitamite Authority( ad bello)

4.3. Right Intention (ad/in bello)

4.4. Last Resort (ad bello)