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gjj by Mind Map: gjj
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Slow and kludgy web interface

unable to use a cell phone with AudioBoo

Record 15minutes of teacher classroom speech and make available as an mp3 on one of the micropodasting sites, (ORGANIZE SPEECHES INTO TOPICS AND SUBTOPICS)





Scorbals's 3 micropodcasting choices

I had some technical difficulties downloading the flash recorder and even uploading an mp3. Just wouldnt work for me.



iPadio to be used with the cellphone

Free local/regional phone numbers

Free local phone number provided in many countries makes iPadio a soluition that can bbe used by most students. The iPadio team is willing to set up special channels for class projects (  

iPadio also offers a speech to text service from your recorded audio

It is incredibly fun and easy to record and share my random audio journals and occasional experimental bits of audio.

I had retired from podcasting until I discovered micropodcasting through my iPod touch.

An old iPod can be filled up with MP3s from textbook CDs, authentic listening materials from the net, videos from YouTube, or even PowerPoint Slide shows (saved as jpeg images - no animations, sorry) and played in class through a television set or overhead projection system with an AV cable (yellow, red and white RCA connectors).

As far as I know, the ZOOM is the only inexpensive digital recorder that can actually be used as a live USB connected microphone.

One caveat on the AV cable, Apple has switched the connections for some reason (perhaps to force people to buy the more expensive product from Apple). With a bit of trial and error, non-Apple AV cables can be used. To do so, the red and yellow connectors have to be transposed (or maybe it's the yellow and white ones).

This means that it is recognized as an audio input source in a program like Audacity. This is a great solution for those who are unhappy with poor noise quality from built-in laptop microphones.

ZOOM - H4 - Handy Recorder

I've not used a ZOOM, but it does have one feature that I'm very interested in






Some of the French keyboards had difficulties writing the @ sign, so they had problems adding their voice  


Easy to use asynchronous threaded discussion recording your voice


THE Nr ONE NOTE: To save the audacity files as mp3s you have to add the llame codecs to it. A bit tricky to set up, but works like a charm.  

Wimba Voice

Not free but absolutely excellent.



Edirol R09

Any digital recorder will do for self-reflection



iPod Touch

The Language Lab

Tape recorder

Best Practise

Conference coverage with ipadio with Harrogate

Self-reflective teaching in podcast form

A way to examine your classroom practice through audio:

Idea from Prof. Fanselow

Speech recognition software