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Austria-Hungary by Mind Map: Austria-Hungary

1. Political System

1.1. Bureaucratic Government

1.2. Dual Monarchy

1.3. Emperor presiding Austria-Hungary and parliaments in either country.

1.4. Two prime ministers, an archduke and an emperor

2. Economic Strength

2.1. Weak economy

2.2. 2/3 of the population made a living through agriculture

2.3. Fast growing (output increased by 5% a year during 1873-1913

3. Socio-Economic Problems

3.1. Multi-national empire in a time of nationalism

3.2. Lacked economic, political and social cohesion

3.3. Late modernisational stability

4. Foreign Policy

4.1. Envisioned a multi-ethnic, religiously divergent empire controlled by Vienna

4.2. Wished to expand by getting control over the Balkan states

5. Strengths & Weaknesses

5.1. Lacked military strength

6. Aims & Fears

6.1. Demise of the Ottoman Empire on the border

6.2. Hostility and aggression of Serbia

6.3. Gaining control of the Balkan states