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Cells by Mind Map: Cells

1. nucleus

1.1. the instruction manual for life more commonly known as D.N.A

1.2. Each gene in this D.N.A has the instructions to build a protein cell

1.3. There is six feet of D.N.A in every cell of the body

2. protein

2.1. These are chains of complex chemicals

2.2. Once locked together they work to make the cells internal skeleton

2.3. They give the cell security and strength

3. Motor Protien

3.1. Use the cells skeleton to deliver food and other nutritions

3.2. Vulnerable during a virus to be attacked and controlled

3.3. If the cell was a building they would be the caterers

4. Mitochondria

4.1. Powers the cell like a generator

4.2. It powers thousands of tiny chemical batteries

4.3. Everything we do is powered by this battery

5. over one billion cells in the body

6. scientist can now see inside of cells

7. The building blocks of life

8. The enemy of the cell is the virus which must kill to reproduce and our protection from them is called antibodies and white blood cells

9. Viruses use protein shells to avoid detection