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The Just War Theory by Mind Map: The Just War Theory
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The Just War Theory

The Battle of Agincourt

Goes against Legitimate authority: Technically Henry V is not the king yet when he wages war

Goes against Right Intention: He killed prisoners out of worry and out of his own personal feelings

Also goes against Last Resort: This war is caused out of worry, not as a last resort after diplomacy

The First Crusades

Attacks on the Jews in Rhineland

Goes against proportionality: No good is achieved, the destruction is worse than than any positive result

Goes against Right Intention: The only aim is death and destruction, not justice

The massacre following the siege of Jerusalem

Muslims slaughtered without mercy

Goes against non-combatant immunity: Innocent civilians were slaughtered

Proportionality: This battle went on long after it had become a massacre

The Counter Refromation

Goes against the last resort: An army is formed before diplomacy is attempted

Goes against Just Cause: The Cause in this situation is not really justifiable, because all people involved are Christians.