Lesson 1- OVERVIEW

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Lesson 1- OVERVIEW by Mind Map: Lesson 1- OVERVIEW

1. Theme of unit: Planting a vegetable garden

2. Alignment with Technologies Curriculum:

2.1. 2.1 Understand how people, including designers and technologists, design and produce familiar products; services; and environments to meet personal and local community needs.

2.2. Investigating how products and services in the environments serve environmental users a purpose


3.1. What is in this school that is used by everyone who comes to this school?

3.2. What is a vegetable garden?

3.3. What do we use it for?

3.4. Where have you seen one?

3.5. Who can give me some examples of vegetables that grow in a vegetable garden?

3.6. After viewing the video- Why does Nick say vegetables taste better straight out of the ground?

3.7. What sort of things are we going to need to grow a vegetable garden?

3.8. How will our vegetable garden be useful?

3.9. Who will use our vegetable garden?

3.10. Why do you think a vegetable garden will be good for our school?

4. Materials that could be used for this lesson:

4.1. Have photographs of areas of the school that could be appropriate for our vegetable garden- use as a stimulus.

4.2. http://splash.abc.net.au/media/-/m/106432 Video on Vegetable Gardens- play from beginning to end.

4.3. IWB- notebook blank page to brainstorm on.

4.4. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=vegetable+gardens&es_sm=119&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=pgMEVPS3Gc-8uASMmoCYCw&ved=0CCkQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=679 Images of a vegetable garden.

5. Lesson steps:

5.1. Introduction: 1. A mat session will conduct the beginning of this lesson. Teacher will begin by raising questions on what the students know of in the school environment that is useful to all users and has a purpose. (Teacher gives first example on the shelter used in the undercover area for weather conditions). 2. Teacher will then raise discussion on the new class project of a vegetable garden. Discussion on what a vegetable garden is will begin first. Teacher will show the class some images of what a vegetable garden looks like (URL in resources). 3. Show the class some photos of areas from around the school that could be used for our vegetable garden.

5.1.1. Body: 1. As a class we will view the video called Vegetable Gardens. After viewing teacher will initiate discussion on some guided questions about the video. (in focus questions) 2. As a think, pair, share session students will then make a list of some of the vegetable plants featured in the clip. Students will record there ideas on the classroom mini-whiteboards. They will then share with a partner. After this, students will then also come up with the process of growing a vegetable plant from a seed. This will be done as a think, pair, share activity also recording individual ideas on the whiteboards and then share ideas with a partner. Conclusion: 1. Using IWB create a brainstorm on how our vegetable garden is going to be beneficial to the school and the environmental users?

6. Cross Curriculum Links:

6.1. English- reflective writing- aspects of emotive and descriptive language. Writing a procedure/ plan.

6.2. Mathematics- measuring the size and shape of the vegetable garden. Measuring room in the garden for growth.

6.3. Science- Living things- identifying the necessities to provide the plants to ensure survival and growth.