Using and Creating ePortfolios

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Using and Creating ePortfolios by Mind Map: Using and Creating ePortfolios

1. Tools and Resources:

1.1. Evernote: Evernote is a great resource for creating ePortfolios! Evernote can be downloaded on a computer as well an on a smartphone.. That's right, I'm encouraging you to use your cell phone for this one! This program allows you to add pictures, notes, webpages, and even documents at the touch of a button. I recommend this application for those who work better with smartphones rather than computers, and who enjoy creating something fun that will be accessible wherever you go!

1.2. Weebly: This is my personal favorite! This site allows you to add links, posts, pictures, documents, and is accessible whenever you want to see it, just go to your own personal website! Weebly is a website creator that allows you to create an ePortfolio that shows off your personality and your skills - whether it's a portfolio that simply shows your improvement throughout the year or is one where you get to show off your best work, Weebly is a fun a site to create and make your ePortfolio your very own!

1.3. Live Binders: Live Binders is a quick and easy way to create an ePortfolio. This site is free to use and has a section just for students! One of the perks of using this website is you can download content from any application and pictures from an Ipad or an andorid device. This site is a great resource when starting an ePortfolio!

2. Benefits:

2.1. -Variety - students are able to create and access various types of media all while doing something that is going to benefit their learning and school work

2.2. Up to date : Students can use information that is updated daily, rather than using textbooks that are years old. They are also learning how to use tools that will help them be competitive in the ever-changing technology based culture.

2.3. A plus of using ePortfolios in the classroom is that they are more accessible to parents, teachers, and the students.

2.4. Using ePortfolios encourages critical thinking and reflective thinking.

3. Challenges:

3.1. A challenge of using ePortfolios in the classroom would be getting every student on the same page. Some students do better with social interaction rather than creating something using technology. The challenge is to teach these students how to enjoy this and how to use it effectively and to their benefit.

3.2. Another challenge would be the time factor. Creating and designing takes time and as a teacher you would have to limit that time.

3.3. When using things on the internet, it is imperative as a teacher to prepare accordingly and make sure that the sites available are appropriate and that each student understands what it is you want them to accomplish.

4. Traditional vs. ePortfolios

4.1. Traditionally, looking at student progress is much slower and much less efficient than ePortfolios. For some teachers, sitting down and talking with parents and the student about his/her academic achievement works really well. I think that even with the integration of ePortfolios, this parent-teacher meeting needs to happen. There are factors to look at - what if the parents don't know how to access the portfolio or do not understand how it works.. (I know mine definitely wouldn't!) I think that with using this new system, we need to combine it with the old fashion way.