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Pharmacy by Mind Map: Pharmacy

1. How can the sterility of medications be guaranteed?

1.1. Microbial testing

1.2. Ensuring clean working environments

1.3. Practice of proper techniques

2. What are the responsibilities of a pharmacist?

2.1. Oversee activities of pharmacy technicians and clerks

2.2. Provide information to patients on their prescription's dosage and proper use

2.3. Dispense medication for patient use

2.4. Abide by laws and regulations of their State Board of Pharmacy

2.5. Maintain and organize records and patient information

3. What are the different routes of administration for medication?

3.1. Oral

3.2. Topical

3.3. Injectable

3.4. Intravenous

3.5. Rectal

3.6. Intravitreal

4. What are the different types of pharmacies that exist?

4.1. Community

4.2. Compounding

4.3. Hospital

4.4. Internet

4.5. Clinical

4.6. Nuclear