Artistic & Scientific Achievements

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Artistic & Scientific Achievements by Mind Map: Artistic & Scientific Achievements

1. SEA

1.1. Artistic

1.1.1. Architecture Stone Hindu and Buddhist temples (High artistic talent) Significance: show their devotion to their new god Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple (Angkor)

1.1.2. Literature Hikayat, syair and pantun Malay texts written in Jawi Translation of Arabic and Persian literature

1.2. Scientific

1.2.1. Metallurgy Ban Chiang bronze spear-points and iron bangles (2000 BCE) Revealed that people of ancient SEA had knowledge of metallurgy much earlier than previously thought.

1.2.2. Hydraulic Engineering Gathering, storing and re-directing water using dams, dykes, canals and reservoirs Significance: Good since water was precious resource for rice-farming parts of SEA

2. China (Tang)

2.1. Scientific

2.1.1. Medicine Acupuncture Significance: Continues to be popular today Taoist-influenced treatments

2.1.2. Astronomy Mapped movements of the sun, moon and planets. Kept careful records of astronomical events like eclipses and sightings of comets. Significance: Allowed modern astronomers to track paths of comets over centuries.

2.2. Artistic

2.2.1. Painting (Tang and Song) Taoist- and Confucian-influenced landscape paintings Became standard Influence (copy) Mountains, trees and rivers as subjects

2.2.2. Sculpture Bronze, clay and stone sculptures Significance: Still valued for beauty today Terracotta warriors in Qin Shihuang’s tomb

3. India (Gupta)

3.1. Math

3.1.1. Decimal system, zero and pi (Aryabhata) Significance: It lead to discoveries in astronomy and is used even today.

3.2. Scientific

3.2.1. 365 days in a year

3.2.2. Earth is round and revolves around the sun Significance: Learn more about our solar system

3.2.3. Diameters of earth and moon

3.2.4. Medicine Plastic surgery Significance: It is used even now as modern plastic surgery developed from this Put the ear back Pain-relieving herbs Significance: Relieves pain when doing plastic surgery

3.3. Artistic

3.3.1. Ajanta Caves Significance: Shows to historians the scenes from the life of the Buddha as well as events from other periods in ancient India history. They can write about the history of Gupta

3.3.2. Frescoes

3.4. Literary

3.4.1. Sanskrit standardised (ancient language)

3.4.2. Vedas, Mahabharata and Ramayana Significance: Recited during Hindu festivals Teach morals and values Influence culture of SEA

3.4.3. Shakuntala by Kalidasa