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young people by Mind Map: young people
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young people

-Young people are the number one primary concern i will take into consideration, while doing the work i do as a youth worker. Therefore the word has been placed in the centre of the mind map. All the other words i have placed the map around young people are things that influence and will affect young people in some way, as they transition from childhood to adulthood. 


Education: -Education plays a massive part in young peoples lives. Sadly education is mainly in place to train young people for adult life and and the workforce. Education links up to many of the other words I have placed on the mind map, and without having a smooth transition through the system it can affect young people in every facit of their lives.   


Employment: -Employemnt is one of the main factors that controls our lives. When you think about it over half our life is consumed with work. The time that is spent on finding work, getting ready for work, travelling to and from work, being at work and the stress and time thinking about work when you are not even their. The catch is also that if you are not employed it can also be determental to ones self, as you than disengage from the community, lack the social side of employment and the feeling of self worth it can give. also it is the stress of paying your way and providing the basic essentials we all need.     -Employment and Money: This links as being employed supplies people with money.   -employment and education,

socio-economic status

Socio-Economic Status: -Socio-econmic status is made up of a few things including a persons income, education, occupation and where they live. If a young person is from a low socio-economic area, it can sometimes have a negative impact as the cycle can continue. It can affect them in many ways already giving them a 'harder' start in life, sometimes putting them in a negative enviorment that can prevent them from reaching their full potential. Therefore there needs to adequate sevies placed in to help support these young people, providing supportive enviroments to give them an equal opportunity in life.  


Money: - Sadly just about everthing in life revolves around money. A piece of paper that is exchanged for goods or services. Without money young people can not do the things they want to do and can prevent them from achieving other things in life (eg, continuning your education). Money is mainly needed for young people to spend on recerational activities (depending on an individuals circumstances), but can also be needed for them to contribute to the family for neccessities such as food and health care. Young people need to be educated on the value of money and budgeting more often as consumerism and financial issues can become a big problem with young people.     -Money and Socio-Econmic Status: is linked as depending on the amount of money you have and how you handle it can determine your socio-econmic status. To move through the classes from say lower to middle you need to have the money available to support you to this. This can be hard for a young person to do as if you are born into a low socio-econmic status family, sometimes your parents do have the money and avilable and the means to provide the support, education and employemnt need to make the transition. 


Media: - The media has a big influence on society and young people. It can persuade people into altering and/or changing their opinions on particular issues. If majority of the worlds media is controled by several people, how can we be sure that correct research information is being put acroos for people to see. Young people are often portrayed negatively in the media. This can have a negative impact on them as young people will sometimes start to believe what they read and see. Also the media need to take into consideration how they present models ect, in magazines as this impacts on young peoples perception on body image, and does not show them what 'real people'  looks like.       


Gender: -In society peoples gender still plays a role at what is accepeted ect. even though gender roles have changed over time, more still needs to be done to have equality for men and women. Young people are cointinuing to change and improve the divide, youth workers need to support this change.  -Gender and Employment: This links as in todays society gender still plays a big part in things from occupation, employment opportunities and wages that will be earned. -Gender and Religion: This links because in some religions gender can still dictate how you live your life, dress and act in society.


Language: -Language has a few differnt meanings. There are young people from cald (culturally and linguisticaly diverse) backgrounds, where english may not be their first spoken language. Also there is language in terms of the way young people speak, using slang terms and now short hand that is spoken over the internet and through phone texts. Language is s big part of a young persons life as it is a major means of communication.   -Language and Education: These link as the education system has not implemented enough programs and support to help young people have a smooth transition through the secondary school system. If a young person is lacking in laguage skills (more so young people from cald backgrounds) they easily fall through the systems gaps, falling behind and possible resulting in school disengagement.


Religion: -Even though young people in todays society are less religous now, religion still plays a big part in young peoples lives. Being a relgiousoung person can be difficult at times as society is niave and needs to be educated more on this issue. Being religous also helps to form a young persons values and beliefs and their identity. -Relgion and Family: This links as generally a young persons religious beliefs will evolve from the family unit and their belifes and influence.


Identity: -Identity connects to all the words on the mind map, as i feel that all of these things play a big part of forming a young persons identity and their sense of self worth.  


Family: -A young persons family plays a massive part in their lives. Even though through the teen years family will be put on the back burner, it is family and the early foundations they have formed which still play an important part in a young persons life. Family help a young person form their own values and belifes and family will generally be there to support the young person through trying times. It is important to note that family is made up in many differnt forms and is individual to evryone. When i speak im not just referring to the nueclear family.

peer relationships

Peer relationships: -When you become a teenager your relationships change, focusing on spending more time with your peers. Peer relationships are very important for young people as they can provide a social and supportive enviroment, giving young people someone to confide in who may be going through the same things. Peer relationships can also be negative with peer presure and bullying being an issuse that can impact a young person.  -Peer Relationships and Family: This links because when you hit puberity generally you will not spend as much time with the family unit. Families have a big impact on a young person in their younger years. When they devlope into a young person peer relationships become more important. Young people now find theirpeers as they are easier to relate to. This can sometimes cause disagreements within the family unit, due to a varity of reasons such as them wanting to spend more time with their peers rather than family. -Peer Relationships and Education: I chose these to link because I feel that alot are peer realationships are first developed within the education system. While in secondary school majority of a young person socialising is done in the school environment. This once again has its positives and negatives. If a young person is being bullied at school this can be a big issuse as some much time is spent at school and can lead the young person to diengage. The positive is that a young person is sorrounded by their friends (peers) on a regualr basis.


Government: -In young peoples lives the government plays an indirect part. The government needs to take into consideration young people and how they see particlur issuse as generally they are dismissed. What young people have to say is important, they are the next generation in our society and need to be listened to. -Government and Media: Sometimes the govermnet and the media work in conjunction with one and other to protray certain issues in a particlular way. The media is a very persuasive tool, therefore the governemnt needs to stop this and work towards providing a fair and equaly socity for young people.