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chapter 2 by Mind Map: chapter 2

1. different types of connections

1.1. economic

1.1.1. this is the connection formed through trade or the exchange of goods

1.2. political

1.2.1. in the past, political connections were established when a country conquered another or became the protector of a weaker country

1.3. cultural

1.3.1. cultural exchanges between countries take place when countries influence one another through the exchange of ideas about traditions, clothing, food etc.

2. maritime route

2.1. ships enabled faster and safer travel by sea.

2.2. rise of maritime kingdom

2.2.1. ports were strategically located along the main china-india maritime trade route. they served as convenient stopover ports for ships to be re-supplied with food and water, and for repair.

2.2.2. they served as collection centres for goods produced in southeast asia, china and india. traders for arabia, india, china, java and the space island exchanged goods at these ports.

3. singapore and trade in asia before the 14th century.

3.1. middle east

3.1.1. oil

3.1.2. wool

3.1.3. indus beads

3.1.4. ivory

3.1.5. cotton

3.2. china

3.2.1. silk

3.2.2. porcelain

3.3. india

3.3.1. spices

3.3.2. jewels

3.3.3. horns

3.3.4. glass beads

3.3.5. perfumes

3.4. southeast aisa

3.4.1. cinnamon

3.4.2. cardamon

4. rise of temasek in 14th century

4.1. by the 13th century , the srivijava kingdom had collapsed and lost its control over trade activities i the western indonesian region.

4.1.1. traders shifted their activities from the sunda straits to the straites of melaka . this was because traders found the route to china shorter if they used the straits of melaka.

5. british interest in southeast asia

5.1. they were interested in southeast asia because they wanted trade with china and the spice trade in southeast asia

5.2. why singapore was chosen as british port

5.2.1. penang and bencoolen were not strategically located.

5.2.2. it also possess an excellent habour, everything that that can he desired for a britsh port

5.3. how raffles set up a trading settlement in sinagpore

5.3.1. as the dutch was not in singapore, raffles tricked the temenggong into signing a treaty.