Spanish Colonization

Nick P
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Spanish Colonization by Mind Map: Spanish Colonization

1. Another place that the Spanish Controlled.

2. The idea of having lords and serfs.

3. Spanish explorers and land owners.

4. Where the majority of the Old World population came from.

5. California

6. A colony in New Mexico.

7. Florida

7.1. Colonies built here by Spain.

8. Feudalism

9. Europe

10. King's law.

11. Santa Fe

12. Texas

13. View on Natives

13.1. Most Europeans believed that they were more civilized than the natives.

14. Conquistadors

15. Farmers

15.1. Worked for Conquistadors.

16. Viceroys

16.1. Called "governors".

17. Catholics

17.1. The Spanish tried to spread Christianity in the New World.

18. St. Augustine

19. KEY: Green= description. Blue=Link