Chapter 2: Section 2.4

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Chapter 2: Section 2.4 by Mind Map: Chapter 2: Section 2.4

1. Equality Issues

1.1. Equality and Representation

1.1.1. The New Jersey Plan- proposed by William Patterson- called for each state to be equally represented in Congress The Connecticut Plan- created two houses in Congress

1.2. Slavery

1.3. In 1787, Massachusetts was the only state where slavery was not legal. Representation and taxation would go to the "free persons" and 3/5 of "all other persons."

1.4. Equality in Voting

1.4.1. National elections should require universal manhood suffrage. The delegates wanted property ownership to be a requirement for voting. This left a majority of the population without the right to vote.

2. Economic Issues

2.1. 1. Raised tariffs against merchandise of other sates

2.2. 2. Paper money had no value in some states

2.2.1. New Topic

2.3. 3. Congress had problems raising money because of the recession

3. The individual rights issues

3.1. 1. Prohibits the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus unless in a rebellion

3.1.1. Court order requiring jailers to explain why they are in custody

3.2. 2. Prohibits congress or the states from pass ex post facto acts

3.2.1. To punish people for things that weren't illegal or punishable

3.3. 3. Prohibits the congress and state from passing bills of attainder

3.3.1. To punish people without jury or trial

3.4. 4. You can't hold specific religious qualifications for holding office in the national government

3.5. 5. Narrowly defines and outlines strict rules of even dense for the conviction of treason

3.6. 6. Upholds the right to trial by jury in criminal cases