Food and Beverage Industry

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Food and Beverage Industry by Mind Map: Food and Beverage Industry

1. What are our biggest costs?

1.1. Food

1.2. Beverage

1.2.1. Liquor

1.2.2. Beer

1.2.3. Mixers

2. What are guests liking the most?

2.1. Certain menu items?

2.2. Atmosphere?

3. What part of the year are we strongest?

3.1. Spring

3.2. Summer

3.3. Fall

3.4. Winter

4. Will we have special events held at our location

4.1. Birthday parties

4.2. Private parties

4.3. Tastings

5. How do we get better and stay more competitive?

6. How do we become more profitable and more efficient?

7. How do I improve staff and their morale

7.1. Staff retreats to know each other

7.2. Incentives for employees