The Philadelphia Convention

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The Philadelphia Convention by Mind Map: The Philadelphia Convention

1. Gentlemen in Philadelphia

1.1. Wealthy Planters

1.2. The Elite

1.3. 55 Men

1.4. Lawyers and Merchants

2. Four Philosophies Agreed Upon

2.1. Human Nature

2.1.1. Agreed that man's natural state was war

2.1.2. Relates to Hobbes's Theory

2.2. Political Conflict

2.2.1. James Madison, Federalist 10: distribution of wealth and factions are the source of political conflict

2.2.2. Factions are inevitable

2.2.3. Some "other sources are religion, views of governing, and attachment to various leaders"

2.3. Purpose of Government

2.3.1. Preservation of property

2.3.2. Security from invasion

2.3.3. Domestic peace

2.3.4. Promotion of public health and welfare

2.3.5. Right to acquire and hold wealth

2.4. Nature of Government

2.4.1. Balanced government

2.4.2. Baron Montesquieu: Separate Government

2.4.3. Limited but enough power for enforcement

2.4.4. Checks and balances

3. Philadelphia Covention

3.1. 12 States sent delegates

3.2. Rhode Island did not participate (feared centralization)

3.3. Originally gathered to revise the AOS.