Section 2.6: Ratifying the Constitution

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Section 2.6: Ratifying the Constitution by Mind Map: Section 2.6: Ratifying the Constitution

1. Federalists and Anti-Federalists

1.1. Federalists supported the Constitution; Anti-Federalists opposed it

1.1.1. People on both sides

1.2. Anti-Federalists believed that the new government would be an enemy of freedom and would encroach upon the rights that they had fought to protect.

1.2.1. Wanted a strong state government and a weak national government

1.2.2. Direct election of officials

1.2.3. Rule by the common man

1.3. People on both sides published articles in newspapers; the most famous of these publications was a series of articles published under the pseudonym "Publius" and written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison

1.3.1. These articles, collectively known as the Federalist Papers, are often used to determine the original intentions of the Founders when discussing constitutional interpretation.

2. Ratification

2.1. In order to pass the Constitution, Federalists wanted the It to be ratified by special conventions in each state.

2.1.1. Many State Legislature members/leaders would lose power under the Consitution.

2.1.2. Many state legislatures were against the Constitution.

2.2. Delaware: 1st to ratify 12/7/1787

2.2.1. New Hampshire's ratification made Constitution official

2.2.2. Virginia and NY joined the union

2.2.3. NC and RI wanted Bill of Rights for their entrance to the union.

3. Bill of Rights

3.1. Because a fear of the Anti-Federalists was governmental encroachment upon personal liberties, the Federalists added a list of amendments addressing fundamental rights

3.1.1. First ten amendments became known as the Bill of Rights

3.1.2. One amendment suggested Congressional salaries; it was ratified years later as the Twenty-Seventh Amendment

4. After Ratification

4.1. George Washington was unanimously voted to take office April 30, 1789

4.2. NYC was the first national capital.