The Madisonian System

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The Madisonian System by Mind Map: The Madisonian System

1. Thwarting Tyranny of the Majority

1.1. Madison's Proposals:

1.1.1. 1. Place as much of the government as possible beyond the direct control of the majority. The House is the only legislative body that has direct control of votes of the majority. State legislators choose representatives to elect the president. Varied tenure of office based on legislative body also insulate government officials from the public opinion

1.1.2. 2. Separate the powers of different institutions. Each branch of government shares the power vested in it by the people, which ensures no one brach takes over the government by itself.

1.1.3. 3. Construct a system of checks and balances. Each branch requires the consent of the other two in order to do anything. Examples include the presidential veto and senate confirmation of Supreme Court justices.

2. The Constitutional Republic

2.1. Republic

2.1.1. A system based on the consent of the governed in which representatives of the public exercise power.

2.2. Checks and Balances/Separation of Powers

2.2.1. Judicial Branch The Courts, Supreme Court, courts of appeal, district courts Powers: Can declare laws unconstitutional, can declare presidential acts unconstitutional

2.2.2. Legislative Branch The Congress, House of Representatives, Senate Confirms presidential nominations and can impeach justices, Approve presidential nominations and can pass law over president's veto

2.2.3. Executive Branch The President, Executive and cabinet department Powers: Can veto Presidential Legislation, can nominate judges and enforce judicial opinions