Animal Conservation Worker

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Animal Conservation Worker by Mind Map: Animal Conservation Worker

1. in the office

1.1. fundraising

1.2. promoting

1.3. awareness/advertising

2. in the field

2.1. research

2.2. native cooperation

2.3. animal husbandry

2.3.1. veterinary

2.3.2. rescue/observational

3. finding jobs

3.1. bachelor's degree needed

3.2. possible graduate degree

3.3. animal experience necessary

3.4. wide range of knowledge beneficial

3.4.1. animal science/zoology

3.4.2. ecology

3.4.3. wildlife biology

3.4.4. business

3.4.5. training/behavior

3.4.6. medicine, disease

3.4.7. cultural anthropology

4. problems:

4.1. lack of funding

4.2. government blocks

4.3. intervening with habitat

4.4. intrusion/non-cooperative native people

4.5. production vs. conservation debate

4.5.1. more land required for more food production e.g. cattle grazing

4.5.2. loss of natural species due to infestation of domesticated species and diseases transmitted between the two

4.5.3. destruction of land

4.5.4. pollution due to overcrowding

4.6. tourism

4.6.1. mass amounts of people entering habitat pollution crowding animal/human interaction eliminates healthy threat of people incorporating foreign species into habitat rely on humans for food zoonotic disease transmission

4.6.2. exploiting native peoples and animals for tourist pleasure

4.6.3. loss of native traditions

4.7. poaching/personal risk to researcher