Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: Pre-vet

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: Pre-vet by Mind Map: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: Pre-vet

1. What are possible veterinary careers?

1.1. clinical

1.2. CDC

1.3. FDA

1.4. Teaching

1.5. USDA

1.6. NIH

1.7. Research

2. How do we improve animal's lives?

2.1. Environment

2.2. Medicine

3. How do we keep animal populations in check in cities?

3.1. Spaying

3.2. Neutering

3.3. Financial Help Programs for spaying and neutering

4. Why do I want to become a veterinarian?

4.1. To improve the lives of animals

4.2. To Improve the lives of people

5. How do you handle patients safely without anyone getting hurt and what to do if someone does get hurt?

5.1. large animals

5.2. small animals

5.3. exotic animals

5.4. medical treatment

6. Should animals be Euthanized?

6.1. Can the animal be treated?

6.2. What would be the animals quality of life?

6.3. overpopulation in shelters

6.4. dangerous animals