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The Great Depression by Mind Map: The Great Depression
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The Great Depression

Stock Markets

NY stocks crash

New node

Buying on Margin

Stock market reforms by FDR

Stock Specualtion

quick buying and selling

Economic Cycle


1/4 unemployment by 1932

Purchasing is down

over production

Over production

FDR Control

Won election over Hoover

Wins again in 1936

And in 1940

And 1944

Steps to fix the crisis

1. Banking Holidays

2. Reforms

3. Gold Standard

Different Classes


Middle class

58% who mostly had jobs


42% below



Hoover meals= food scraps

hitchhiking= hoover rides

Makes Reconstruction finance Corporation

New node

New Deal Acts

Food Stamp Act

Gave food to poor and helped out farmers


Made work for young men

Wagner Act

Made Blacklists illegal

Social Security Act