Nutrition and Dietetics

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Nutrition and Dietetics by Mind Map: Nutrition and Dietetics

1. Hospitals

2. Start own Practice

3. Fitness Centers

4. What are the steps to become a Registered Dietitian?

4.1. Get a Bachelors in a DPD accredited program

4.2. Do and internship to sit for the exam

4.2.1. Non-Degree

4.2.2. Degree

4.3. Sit for the Exam

5. Problems

5.1. The field is very competitive and difficult to get into because it is new

5.2. In 2024 they will require RD's to have their masters, making the field more competitive

5.2.1. Do you get your masters now or just do the internship?

5.3. Money might be a problem during the internship process because you are working full time and not getting paid unless there is a dividend.

6. How interested am I in dietetics? What do I think I want to do with it?

6.1. Potentially, work in a hospital setting in a Children's hospital.

6.1.1. working clinically is a lot more paperwork than I would prefer

6.1.2. Get to work with kids and take care of people

6.2. Work at a camp in the kitchen being the kitchen manager.

6.3. Work as a chef in a restaurant.

6.3.1. could do this without being a RD

7. Where can you work as a dietitian?