Chaos Creeps

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Chaos Creeps by Mind Map: Chaos Creeps

1. Chaos Cultists

1.1. Inquisitor General wants the Soulwell out of cultist's hands

1.2. Want POWER; Wish to bring the Precursors back

1.3. need Soulwell with pure, clean child souls

1.3.1. New Hope Orphanage

2. The Rise of Chaos

2.1. SOMETHING happened when the Passes were expanded

2.1.1. broke the seal on the can of evil

2.2. Portals to the plane of Chaos, ...things... pass through

2.3. Pockets of chaos energy warp and twist things

2.3.1. Ginormous beasts

2.3.2. 'lost' expedition -> beast-men (cyclopses?)

2.4. The Forces of Nature awaken to battle the corruption

2.4.1. Sent Dog to Niimaa, to enlist her aid She dreams of Dog; he is now very large, very beautiful, very wild, very dangerous Taken on a tour of the Wilds as they were: Beautiful, serene, with people (Where are they now???), treepeoples (narnia-ish) Feels the ground shake as the Marrow Passes are expanded; sees ...things... escaping from the mountains short combat: the dog (with AWESOME stats) fights the chaos the outcome of the battle decides *how* corrupted the wilds are (Dog gets rather... better stats from here on. Is a wild card, Seasoned rank). Not so awesome as the battle-dog after HARD battle (dog should limp away) show Easterners moving in, mining, cutting trees etc; cursing forest for being so twisted Parts of forest want retribution; Dog sent to try and ally nature and technology instead; Niimaa just right for the task :)

3. The Precursors

3.1. Chaositech

3.2. were revered as gods; gave their followers powerful boons

3.3. Creatures of Chaos that once ruled over the world


4. Magistrate Conspiracy

4.1. Cultists have infiltrated Magistrate

4.2. Cultists misinform Habsburg; send him out to deal w/one-eye

5. An Evil Lurks

5.1. SOMETHING got woke up