IPads With Freehold

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IPads With Freehold by Mind Map: IPads With Freehold

1. Rollout

1.1. 24-30 iPads in teachers hands this fall.

1.2. Kids won't get them until spring or next fall

1.3. Apple doing the How To Pd.

1.4. Wants me there for the shift stuff.

1.5. Participate in virtual learning community for 8 hrs./ hr per month.

2. Ideas for Training

2.1. General discussion

2.1.1. What does the iPad afford that other technologies don't?

2.2. Buidling PLNs with iPads

2.2.1. Twitter

2.2.2. New node

2.3. Information Literacy

2.3.1. Zite

2.3.2. Instapaper

2.3.3. Rss

2.3.4. Kindle

2.3.5. Evernote

2.3.6. Mindmeister

2.4. Using ipad to present

2.4.1. Doceri

2.5. 21st Centuryizing Lesson Plans

3. Questions/thoughts

3.1. What apps will teachers have installed? Need this list asap.

3.2. What kind of wireless will they have? Able to project? Etc.

3.3. Need to give them time to play and think.

4. ToDo

4.1. App lists

4.2. Talk to Patrick Larkin

4.2.1. Others who have implemented