Compost Bins

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Compost Bins by Mind Map: Compost Bins

1. Curriculum

1.1. Design and Technolgies: Process and Production Skills

1.1.1. This lesson Develop project plans that include consideration of resources when making designed solutions individually and collaboratively (ACTDEP028)

1.1.2. Previous Lessons Critique needs or opportunities for designing, and investigate materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to achieve intended designed solutions (ACTDEP024) Generate, develop, communicate and document design ideas and processes for audiences using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques (ACTDEP025) Negotiate criteria for success that include consideration of sustainability to evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions (ACTDEP027)

2. Previous Learning

2.1. Students researched how much is wasted in the school at lunch time, and identified this as an opportunity for design

2.2. Students learned about compost bins, and researched different materials, tools and methods for making compost bins

2.3. In groups, students have designed their compost bin, incorporating a list of 'design considerations' generated by the class

2.4. The designs were submitted as a mind map. The mind maps have been annotated by the teacher, and now students will be creating their project plan, incorporating any necessary changes

3. Preparation and Equipment

3.1. Students' reviewed mind maps

3.2. iPad per group

3.3. Whiteboard

3.4. 'Production Plan' per group

4. Cross Curriculum Links

4.1. Year 5 Geography: Investigating the effect that people have had on Australian Places

4.1.1. Could investigate landfill and how it has affected the environment

4.2. Year 5 and 6 English: Writing persuasive texts

4.2.1. Students could produce a persuasive text arguing the need for compost bins in the school

4.3. Year 5/6 Design and Technologies: Knowledge and Understanding

4.3.1. This unit focusses on process and production skills

4.3.2. This unit aligns with the technologies context of Materials and Technologies Specialisations Investigate characteristics and properties of a range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment and evaluate the impact of their use (ACTDEK023) Students should design a system within the school that uses their compost bins

5. This Lesson

5.1. About the lesson

5.1.1. Year 5/6

5.1.2. Lesson Four of Five

5.1.3. This unit is based on an authentic task where students have identified a design need and worked through a design process

5.1.4. In this lesson students will produce a plan for the building of their group designed compost bin

5.1.5. When they have completed their plan, students will be filming a video interview of their group to submit to the principal

5.2. Step by Step

5.2.1. Students move to their Design Groups

5.2.2. Hand back marked Mind Maps from the previous lesson (they contain the design idea), give time to peruse

5.2.3. Brainstorm: Everything students know about writing a procedure

5.2.4. Hand out the Production Plans

5.2.5. Give each group member or pair sections to fill in. Travel around the room, ensuring that all students understand and are on task

5.2.6. Collect Plans

5.2.7. Write four questions on the board - Why do you think the school needs compost bins? - How will your compost bin be used? - Why did you choose this design? -Which design considerations did you think about when designing your compost bin?

5.2.8. Students save interview to a class DropBox account