Lymph node

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Lymph node by Mind Map: Lymph node

1. Architecture

1.1. Paracortex

1.1.1. Germinal centers Confluence Hyalinization Depletion Hypertrophy

1.1.2. Interfollicular hyperplasia T cell hyperplasia

1.2. Cortex

1.2.1. Marginal sinus Sinusal histiocytosis Abnormal cells

1.3. Medulla

1.3.1. Sinus Sinusal histiocytosis Abnormal cells

2. Infiltration

2.1. Architecture

2.1.1. Nodular Nodular lymphomas Follicular lymphomas Mantle cell lymphoma Pseudo-nodular CLL Marginal zone lymphoma Lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (Poppema) Sclero-nodular, classic Hodgkin lymphoma Castleman disease Nodular lymphoid hyperplasia Toxoplasmosis Infectious mononucleosis Auto-immune diseases PTGC

2.1.2. Diffuse Diffuse lymphomas Small cell diffuse lymphomas Large cell diffuse lymphomas

2.2. Size of cells

2.2.1. Small cells Nodular FL MCL MZL Diffuse MZL CCL LPL

2.2.2. Medium-size Burkitt lymphoma

2.2.3. Large cells B DLBCL T T/NK lymphoma T cell lymphoma Anaplastic lymphoma Hodgkin lymphoma Granulocytic sarcoma

2.2.4. Polymorphic lymphoid proliferations T-cell rich B-cell lymphoma Hodgkin lymphoma ALK+ anaplastic lymphoma Angio-immunoblastic T-cell lymphoma EBV-associated B-cell lymphoproliferative syndromes

3. Granuloma

4. Necrosis