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Sport Informatics and Analytics by Mind Map: Sport Informatics
and Analytics
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Sport Informatics and Analytics

Welcome to this open online resource. We have structured the resource with four themes. We encourage you to explore this resource in whatever way interests you. The Introductions theme provides a context for the course and we recommend that you start with this theme. Thank you for finding us.

Pattern Recognition

This theme has three components: systematic observation; supervised learning; and making sense of data (big pictures, small pieces). We have a data set for you to use in a supervised learning task. We have links to other data sets too if you would like to explore these. We hope that this theme encourages careful consideration of patterns of performance that are the essence of Informatics and Analytics approaches.

Systematic Observation

Literature, Overviews, Darst et al (1989), Anguera and Mendo (2013), Morgan, Muir and Abraham (2014), Sport Specific, Basketball, Tharp and Gallimore (1976), Football, Grehaigne, Mahut and Fernandez (2001), Rugby Union, Brewer and Jones (2002), Granger and Rhind (2014), Volleyball, Zetou et al (2011), Baseball, Sabermetrics, David Grabiner, Emergence, Martin and Helmerson (2014), Halley et al (2012)

Systems, CAIS, Cushion et al (2012), GSEQ-SDIS, Sarmento et al (2014), Lapresa et al (2013), SOF-CODER, Jonsson et al (2006), THEME, Borrie, Jonsson and Magnusson (2002), Jonsson et al (2014), ASUOI, Potrac, Jones and Cushion (2007), Becker and Wrisberg (2008), SSG, Turnnidge et al (2014), CAI, More and Franks (1996), ALT-PE, Silverman, Devillier and ramirez (1991), StatDNA, Arsenal, SAP, SAP and Bayern Munich, Mobile Geeks, DFB and SAP, Tennis, Tennis 2012, HANA, Basketball NBA, CeBit 2014, Cricket, Tennis (2014), Bayern Munich, Enterprise System, Microsoft, SAS, Rowing (2014), IBM, Sportradar, Hudl, Performance Innovations

Other Examples, Running Analysis, Noraxon

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning, Data and Databases, Examples, CIES Observatory, Citibike, Infostrada, Simon Gleave, Statto, Ranking Software, Darren O'Shaughnessy, Possession versus Position (2006), Manchester City, Tim (2012), Burn-Murdoch (2012), Cholera in London 1854, Wilson (2013), CARTODB, Methods, Test Data

Iain Murray (2010)

John Quinn (2011)

Big Pictures, Small Pieces

Expert Systems

Phenomenography, Ference Marton (1981), Bill and Phenomenography (2014)

Ecologies and Dynamic Systems, Ecologies of Performance (2014), Advances from an Ecological Dynamics approach (2013), Headrick et al (2011)

John Snow, Wilson (2013), Robin Wilson

Google Flu, Kent Anderson (2014), Lazer, Kennedy and Vespignani (2014)

International Association for Pattern Recognition

John Wilkins (2013), The Nature of Classification (2013)

Big Data, Real Time Issues, Jennifer Ouellette (2013)

Audiences and Messages

This theme has three topics: augmented information; visualisation; and personal learning environments. Each of them requires sensitivity to audiences and messages. Each enables us to reflect on the people, perspectives, products and processes discussed in the course.

Augmented Information

Feedforward, Dowrick and Dove (1980), Dowrick (1999), Dowrick (2012), Smith, Hand and Dowrick (2014), Ste-Marie et al (2011), Moody (2014), Lyons (2009), Mirror Neurons, Ferrari, Rozzi and Fogassi (2005), Vanderwert, Fox and Ferrari (2013), Gerson and Woodward (2014), Vanderwert and Nelson (2014), Boas et al (2014), Kontos et al (2014), Karim et al (2012), Ferrari et al (2012), Remembering the future, Wednesday Aug 20, 2064

Technologies, DAQRI Smart Helmet, Google Glass, Paramodic, Munnerley, Drones, Toronto Reference Library

Augmented or transformed?, The Artvertiser, Improved reality, Julian Oliver

The Future of Football (2014)

Andrew Manley and Shaun Williams (2014)


Literature, Edward Tufte, Mark Zachray and Charlootte Thralls (2004), Dona Wong (2010), Joey Cherdarchuck (2013), NHL Payroll (2013), Stephen Few (2009), Jonathan Corum, The Challenger Debate, Kyle Hailey, Stephen Few, Gregor Aisch, Aisch (2012), Aisch (2013), Aisch and Quealy (2014), Jean-Luc DuMont, Sharon Lin et al (2013), Trina Chiasson (2014), Steve Crandall (2014), Airshow, Context Matters (2013), Data Wrangling (2014), David Strom (2014), Data Science Central, Information Aesthetics, Olliver Dyens (2014)

Examples, New York Times, Snow Fall, Sochi 2014, 4th Down, CARTODB, Style Maps, Mitchell Whitelaw, Data Practice (2008), Casilli (2013), Data Practice (2009), Data Practice (2009), Data Practice (2009), Data Practice (2009), This is not a ball, Connors (2014), Crottty 2014, NGA 2014, IBM Try Tracker (2014), Chris Nott (2014), Sarah Warsaw (2014), Phil Worrall (2013), Jacquie Tran (2014)

Software, Adobe, PostScript, Tableau, Christian Chabot, 2014 Conference Workshops, Ben Jones 2014, Data Remixed, Communicating Data, Seattle Sounders, Blog, Melbourne Conference (2015), Sport visualisations, Dash Davidson, SAS, JMP, Discovery Summit 2014, Diet and Fitness Data, IBM, SAP, Germany, Match Insights, Reuters, Juergen Buschmann, Wolfram, Perspective, R, R and Storm, Storm

Infographics, Background, #infographic, Tools,,, Options,,, Google Charts, Vennage, Dipity, Examples, Sport Science Examples (France), ATP 100, Visualoop

Companies, ER1C, Remotely Piloted Aircraft, Dronestagram, Medium, Compelo, FLINKLabs

Video, The Art of Data Visualisation, Thorp, McCandless

Art, John Berger, James Turrell, Imants Tillers, Colour Music (2014), Lyons (2009), Interactive Composition (2014), Volkswagen (2013), Food and Music (2014), Doug Bierend (2014), Anastasia Samoylova, ARTslanT

Blog posts, Extreme Presentation, M G Siegler (2014), Jimmy Coverdale (2014), Damien Saunder (2014), GameSetApp, Nadal Game Tree, Diorama, Space Time Cube, Kristensson et al (2009)

Personal Learning Environments

ePortfolios, RSS, ePortfolio Workshop (2014), Sue Waters (2014), George Couros (2014)

Blogs, Association Football, 7amkickoff, The Counter Attack, Ian Macintosh (2014), Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, Medium, Adam Pittinger (2014), Darrell Cobner, Designing Learning Spaces, Unlisted, Podcasts (2014), Rick Klau (2014), Andy Carvin (2014),


Literature, Dave Cormier (2010), Werdmuller 2014, Charles Jennings (2014), Current Research and Emerging Practice (2014), Attwell (2014), Chris Messina (2014), Julien Genestoux (2014), George Couros (2014)


Lyons (2013)

Tools, TechSmith, iStudio

Claiming, Levine 2014, Norman 2014

Smart Cities (2013)


MOOC, PLENK 2010, Rita Kop (2012), Thesis (2010)

Performance Monitoring

This theme has three components: a background to performance monitoring; wearable technologies and video tracking. Developments in wearable technologies have transformed our understanding of performance. This theme discusses some of the technological platforms available and shares examples of their use.


Technological Development, Product Stories, Amisco, AnalysisPro, Nacsport, Elite Sports Analysis, Prozone, Sportstec, SportsCode, SportTechie, OptaPro, Introduction, Opta Data Collection, Sam Green (2013), Advanced Analytics (2013), Applications, Smartcoach, Decision Science, Myagonism, numberFire, sporttagger, Double Blue, Performa

Adaptation, CPA Cardiff Met, NacSport and RealTrack, Prozone and SportsTec

Centres, Universities, CPA, Cardiff, Institutes of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, English Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, Sport, Football Association of Wales, Industry

Literature, Movement Demands and Match Performance (AFL) (2012), Hogarth, Burkett and McKean (2014), Morgans et al (2014), Yanci, Iturricastillo and Grandos (2014)

Conferences, Sports Performance and Tech Summit (2014), Elite Sports Performance 2015, Graham Dudley, Ben Darwin, Gain Line, BASES 2014, Tony Strudwick & Barry Drust, The Football Exchange, Opta Analytics Forum (2014), Colm McMullan, Sport Analytics Innovation Summit (2014)

Wearable Technologies

Hardware, Software, Health and Well-Being, Examples, Apple Watch, Moxy, Mamori, Microsoft Band, Apollo MIS, Stryd, Bob Parkes (2014), Data Interoperability, Sport, Catapult, Forbes (2014), WASP, GPSports, Inmotio, RealTrack, Wimu and Quiko, Training Peaks, Fusion Sport, Fair Play, Zebra MotionWorks, NFL, ARDA, Google Glass, Ethical Issues, Paramodic, ANT+, 2014 Symposium, RFID, Ryder Cup, dorsaVi, Edgar Charry (2014)

Alexander Hayes

Miah (2014)

Bloggers, Ray Maker, ANT+ Keynote (2014), 25 Blog posts, David Weinberher, 10,000 Eyes, Peter Diamindis (2014), Ian Bogost (2014), Rachel Delacour (2014), Design Boom (2014), Oakley, The Dash, Kickstarter, Instabeat, Blog, Disruptive Design, Todd Olson (2014)

Video and Motion Tracking

Literature, Truong and Venkatesh (2007), Hu at al (2011), Match-to-match variability (AFL) (2014), Sha et al (2014), Morgans et al (2014), Wei et al (2013), Ohshima et al (2004), Ohshima et al (2004), Yue et al (2014), Bialkowski et al (2014), Lucey et al (2012), Bialkowski et al (2014), Disney Research (2013)

Technological Development, Amisco, Prozone, Hawk-Eye, Cricinfo (2014), ClearSky, Optimeye T5, 2013 Video, Sentio, Technology


This theme explores our approach to open sharing in and through this course. We present an overview of people, perspectives, products and processes. We draw attention to the Informatik tradition and its links with Informatics. We introduce the emerging field of Sport Analytics.

Informatik, Informatics

Background, Jurgen Perl, Martin Lames, Daniel Link, Arnold Baca

Computer Science in Sport

Critical Engineering, Courses, Julian Oliver, Gordon Savicic, Danja Vasiliev, Art of the Exploit (2013)

Grace Hopper

John Gammack, Valerie Hobbs and Diarmuid Pigott (2007)

Alan Turing, 1936 Paper, Jack Copeland (2013)

Sport Analytics


Literature, Chris Anderson and David Sally (2013), Football Intelligence, Paine (2014), Bill Gerrard (2007), UTS (2014), Blog Posts, Dan Altman (2013), Mike Goodman (2014), Carl Bialik (2014), Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, Player Movement in the NBA, Silicon Republic (2014), Tim Lines (2014), Beyond the Box Score, MVP Selections (2014), Hardball Times, MLEs, Sounder At Heart, Deep Data (2014), Forbes (2013), SQL (2014), Microsoft Video, Ice Hockey, Corsi, Boston Globe (2014), Colin Horgan (2014), Bryce Dyer (2014), Corsi v Tango (2014), Tom Tango, Wiki, Simon Fraser Basketball, Raptors, 2012, Alex Rucker, Nick Rojas (2014), Richard Whitall (2014), Soccer Analysts, Richard Whitall (2014), Sports Analytics, Maple Leafs, Maple Leafs (2014), James Mirtle (2014), Lucey et al (2013), Game Theoretic Analysis, Bates et al (1998), Bates et al (2000), Arias (2012), Mongin (2009), David Romer (2002), Punting (2012), Analyticbridge, Sports Performance and Tech (2013), Howard Hamilton (2011), Journal of Sports Analytics, Ben Alamar, Stephen Shea and Christopher Baker (2013)

Predictions, Bing, Google

Services, Infostrada, The Sports Analytics Institute, Ice Hockey, Modelling Performance, CISCO, Real Time Analytics, Gain Line, Prozone, SAP Sailing Analytics

Conferences, Sports Analytics Innovation Summit 2014, Sports Analytics (2015), Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (2015), Sports Analytics Innovation Summit (2015)

Coaching, Mike Hesson (2014), Nick Mercandante (2014)

Videos, Brad Null (2014), Billy Beane (2011)

News, Genn DuPaul, Victoria University PhD

Sabermetrics, Bill James (2014), Bill James (2013)


Coursera Courses, Data Analytics, Statistical Inference, Data Science, R

Analytics Vidhya

Courses, RMIT

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