Helpful QM Recommendation

Short guideline how to write an interesting blog post

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Helpful QM Recommendation by Mind Map: Helpful QM Recommendation

1. Characteristics

1.1. Constructive

1.1.1. Why does it not meet the standard?

1.1.2. In what way can it be modified to meet the standard?

1.2. Specific

1.2.1. Give explicit examples of what didn't meet the standard.

1.2.2. Give explicit example of what can be modified to meet the standard.

1.3. Measurable

1.3.1. Will the recommendation be observable to the reviewers after the change? Use Bloom's Taxonomy

1.4. Sensitive

1.4.1. Be nice! You might want to consider... In my course, I... It would be helpful if... It appears that... You might indicate... It might be useful to... I had a clear sense of...; however, I was confused by... I'd like to suggest...

1.5. Balanced

1.5.1. List what was done well in addition to what didn't meet the standard

2. Standard

2.1. Description

2.1.1. Makes content easier to read

2.1.2. Add an eyecatcher e.g. Add a picture of the Spanish lottery winner

3. Course Evidence

3.1. Examples from the course

3.1.1. Location


3.1.3. Details

3.2. Does it meet the 85% rule?

4. Annotation

4.1. What to look for

4.2. Examples

4.3. Special Situtations