The Makings Of Me

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The Makings Of Me by Mind Map: The Makings Of Me

1. Personality

1.1. Is it the way you talk that makes you who you are?

1.2. Is it your personality that makes up the core of who you are?

1.3. What has the most influence on who I am becoming?

1.3.1. Inspire someone about your topic?

1.3.2. Specific grade?

1.3.3. Do your best work?

2. Environment

2.1. Home

2.2. Community

2.2.1. School

2.2.2. Work

2.2.3. References Books News sources Blogs Supporting Data Expert reports Third party research Survey data Size of topic

3. Love

3.1. Family

3.2. Friends

3.3. Parents

3.4. Siblings

3.4.1. Introduction - why are you writing about this?

3.4.2. Subhead 1

3.4.3. Subhead 2

3.4.4. Subhead 3

3.4.5. Conclusion - what summarizes what is most interesting about your topic?

4. Beliefs\Passion

4.1. What in this world are you passionate about?

4.2. What do you believe in?

4.3. What makes your heart leap?

4.4. What would you want to do in this world that you wouldn't mind if you weren't getting paid for it that you would enjoy?

5. Relationships

5.1. Parental

5.2. Personal

5.3. Professional

5.4. Friendships