Growing the Performing Arts progam

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Growing the Performing Arts progam by Mind Map: Growing the Performing Arts progam

1. No real support needed we can operate and negotiate in the existing framework

2. building the plane while flying has been fun now we need to look at what we built ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

2.1. Where we are now?

2.1.1. Great resouces

2.1.2. Great staff

2.1.3. Great willingness to make Arts even better

2.1.4. Great students

2.1.5. Great support

2.1.6. supportive communications dpt to advertise and get the message out

2.2. Where do we want to be?

2.2.1. High quality performances big commitment and buyin Students "talented" in the area to be signing up The school known for its big performances Showcase events

2.2.2. Alternative view Smaller high quality events Less buyin required, less commitment Emphasis on fun and participation Culturama and proposed dance event fits in here greater range of events focused on what is fun and a lesser commitment - still engaging students in the arts would this eventually lead to a demand for the bigger events in the future

2.3. How do we get there?

2.3.1. Shared vision with staff

2.3.2. Shared vision with Principals

2.3.3. Shared vision with community

2.4. Issues to discuss

2.4.1. We need the schools vision

2.4.2. We are going to need a different signup system as history has shown we can not compete with flash, low buyin, participation, purely experiential, fun activities

3. issues

3.1. when the signups come out there are other activities on the sign up portal.

3.1.1. parents and students can not see that Arts are prioritised on this night

3.2. some events are not being posted on multiple nights to allow max chances for students to sign up - e.g. peace initiative which was only offered at same time as Arts rehearsals.

3.2.1. This is contrary to the idea of allowing space for Arts Activities so that student learning can be across a breadth of areas.

3.3. Arts events like productions and ensembles require considerable effort and commitment

3.3.1. other events like Culturama are great events but the level of commitment for performance is not the same as other Arts events Students are signing up for more manageable high profile events such as these because the focus is on performance, involvement and fun etc (totally support this)

3.4. Within the whole school community we have a problem with terms

3.4.1. Culturama and Dance are regarded as part of the Arts - but in what sense? it is in an entertainment sense and in learner profile etc They are not in a classroom sense where there is assessment

3.5. There does not seem to be a buy-in from the wider community to arts performance events (judging by numbers) ? thoughts on this one BBY?

3.5.1. Arts staff are committed and putting everything into making events happen - however without addressing issues of all events and activities being seen as equal there is little hope of competing with events that are fun and do not require the same level of commitment.

3.5.2. Students get their motivation from many sources not only from their arts teachers - what is the wider message students receive?

3.6. Should we have a great school ensemble or tradition of productions if the community is not supporting it.

3.6.1. currently (not by design) the signup process markets Arts events on a par with a small activity (eg Monday nights in the elem school) being seen as equal to larger activities that require a long term commitment.