New Learning Chapter 1

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New Learning Chapter 1 by Mind Map: New Learning Chapter 1

1. Expectations of Education

1.1. Society has changing expectations of what education is meant to do and what kinds of skills students should have by the time their formal education is over.

1.2. Education is of increasing importance, but not many resources have been diverted into changing it.

1.3. Idea 3

2. Education vs Learning

2.1. Education is a process

2.1.1. refers to learning community

2.1.2. Refers to pedagogy

2.1.3. Refers to a curriculum

2.2. Learning can happen at any time, education is learning by design.

3. New Learning-8 concepts make up New Learning in this book

3.1. Social significance of education

3.2. institutional locations of learning

3.3. Tools of Learning

3.4. Outcomes Of learning

3.5. Balance of Technology

3.6. Balance of Agency

3.7. Learner Differences

3.8. Relation of New to Old

3.9. Professional Role of the Instructor/Teacher