Matthew Henson Project

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Matthew Henson Project by Mind Map: Matthew Henson Project

1. Stream Clean (Bolgiano)

2. Invasive Species Removal (Bolgiano)

3. Build a boat out of trash and race it down the creek. (Bolgiano)

4. Geocaching (Bolgiano)

5. A walk/run for the community that uses a portion of the trail. (Bolgiano)

6. Matthew Henson biography unit possibly for February and Black history month. (Bolgiano)

7. Arts and Nature Watercolors, paint, draw or photo contest (Bolgiano)

7.1. Create art sculptures out of trash from stream clean up or recycled materials. Exhibiting them in the courtyard and observing the impact of weather and time on the materials. (Sober)

7.2. Create a suit or trash monster. (Sober)

8. Trail Safety (Bolgiano)