Epitaph Records, Los Angeles

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Epitaph Records, Los Angeles by Mind Map: Epitaph Records, Los Angeles

1. Retail

1.1. Get Albums to Retailers

1.2. Get Clothing and Other Merchandise on Store Shelves

1.3. Promote Sales of Albums and Merchandise

1.4. New Product Development

1.5. Look for New Sales Channels Through Publicity, Brand Image, and Promotion

2. Marketing

2.1. Advertise Tours

2.2. Advertise and Maintain Brand Image Through Social Media

2.3. Establish Plan for Sales of Music, Retail, and Tours

2.4. Establish Pricing and Placement of Goods and Services

2.5. Deal With Promotions (Radio, Videos, and Selling Artist to the Public)

3. Publicity

3.1. Get Word out About the Label (Brand Image)

3.2. Get Word out About Tours

3.3. Get Articles on Label and/or Artists Written in Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, etc.

3.4. Handle Radio and Television Coverage of Label and/or Artists

3.5. Work With Artist's Personal Publicist

4. Music Licensing

4.1. Deal With Copyrighting of Songs

4.2. Approve License Requests

4.3. Compensate Copyright Owners for Use

4.4. Maintain Licensing Database

4.5. Resolve Arguments Over Agreements, Ownerships, and Fees

5. A&R

5.1. Sign Artists to Label

5.2. Find Producers and Studios for Artists

5.3. Seek Out Unsigned Talent

5.4. Listen to Demos

5.5. Help Artists Professionally and Creatively