Time Travel

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Time Travel by Mind Map: Time Travel

1. old invention writers and filmmakers

1.1. lots of books and films about people travelling to the future or the past.

2. not totally impossible scientists

2.1. Albert Einstein taught us faster you go, the slower time passes

2.2. travel at speed close 300.000 kilometers a second

3. one second for you would be years for those who stay at home

4. cannot build spaceships that are fast enough

4.1. some scientists never possible either but if we manage to create fast enough, there is one problem: probably never return to his own time

5. to the past less probable

5.1. well-known paradox in time travel: back in time to kill your grandfather, who still hasn’t met your grandmother, the problem here is that if you kill your grandfather then you could never exist. That would make it impossible to travel back in time at all.

5.2. if able to, guaranteed changed something, small changes lead big changes

6. time plays very important part in text,whole text about travel back and forward in time.

7. exciting and interesting, curious about science

8. New node