Decide Model Situation: #1) Define The Issue..... The teacher leaves the room and someone begins...

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Decide Model Situation: #1) Define The Issue..... The teacher leaves the room and someone begins bullying you. by Mind Map: Decide Model Situation:  #1) Define The Issue..... The teacher leaves the room and someone begins bullying you.

1. #2) Explore The Alternatives

1.1. The Alternatives for This Situation would be either that you.....

1.1.1. 1) You Ignore The Bully and Move Away

1.1.2. 2) Stand Up To The Bully

1.1.3. 3) Inform A Teacher Of This horrendous situation

2. #3) Consider The Consequences

2.1. The Consiquences For This Situation Would Be......

2.1.1. 1) If you ignore the bully and move away, then the bully could either possibly believe that you are offended and feel an overpowering surge that would egg him on to bully you more vigorously or it may make him stop

2.1.2. 2) If you would stand up to the bully, it could possibly, if backed up with peers, make him stop or possibly, it may backfire on your and he could bully you more

2.1.3. 3) If I would inform a teacher of this situation, she/he would most likely handle the situation well and make the bullying come to a dramatic stop. Although the consequence of this would be that you would be called a "tattle-tale"!

3. #5) Decide and Act

3.1. My personal Decision would be......

3.1.1. Based on the circumstances and after looking through all the steps of this procedure, my final decision would be conjured; and my final decision is that I would keep my space and try to ignore the bully in a subtle manner and then when the teacher re-enters the room, no matter what time it is, I would tell them about the issue and have them address it and handle the issue accordingly. I would do this because I feel it would be the best way to not lose all my values, although it may seem like a "tattle-tale", at a mature age we are right now people would understand my actions and hopefully the issue in the end would disintegrate.

4. #6) Evaluate The Results

4.1. Evaluation....

4.1.1. In this situation, my decision mentioned above, the teacher will have most probably handled this situation well and put this growing issue to bed. This action could also have inspired other bullied kids and help them make good decisions with the situations presenting before them. If I did possibly stand up to the bully, it would have made the issue worse, and worse, and the other alternative wouldn't have worked that well either. In the end I believe the situation and my decision was handled well.

5. #4) Identify Your Values

5.1. Values In this Situation....

5.1.1. Values in this situation may appear radical. Respect could be a value: I would not want to lose this, and I could very easily by ignoring him and not standing up to him or telling a teacher. Integrity: I could lose my integrity by telling the teacher although it may be the best option. Discipline: Knowing not to fight back with no purpose or backing up. Keeping distance until teacher comes back into the room and then I would address the issue accordingly. There are other multiple values that could be listed although you have to remember and keep in mind your values and how they could be ruined through your actions and your final decision.