Feedback - a framework

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Feedback - a framework by Mind Map: Feedback - a framework

1. The three feedback Qs

1.1. Where am I going?

1.2. How am I going?

1.3. Where to next?

2. The four feedback levels

2.1. Feedback for task or product

2.2. Feedback for process

2.3. Feedback for self-regulation

2.4. Feedback for the self

3. Factors impacting effect

3.1. Giving is not same as receiving

3.2. The characteristics of the student affects feedback

3.3. Disconfirmation/confirmation

3.4. Errors need to be welcomed

3.5. Peer feedback

4. Things to do

4.1. Focus on task, not learner

4.2. Provide precise feedback

4.3. ……..but in manageable units

4.4. Be specific and clear

4.5. Keep feedback as simple as possible, but no simpler

4.6. Clarify goals

4.7. Promote learning goal orientation

4.8. Focus on gap between performance and learning goals

5. Things to avoid

5.1. Avoid comparisons with other students

5.2. Be cautious of overall grades

5.3. Do not threaten self-esteem

5.4. Be cautious of praise

5.5. Do not interrupt an active learner

5.6. Avoid feedback that solves the problem

5.7. Do not limit feedback to text

5.8. Minimize error analysis and diagnosis

6. Feedback and timing

6.1. For difficult tasks, use immediate feedback

6.2. For relatively simple tasks, use delayed feedback

6.3. For retention of concepts and procedure, use immediate feedback

6.4. For deeper learning, consider delayed feedback

7. Feedback and learner

7.1. Use delayed feedback for high-achieving learners

7.2. Use immediate (or fast) feedback for low-achieving learners

7.3. For low-achieving learners, use directive (or corrective) feedback

7.4. For low-achieving learners, use scaffolding

7.5. For high-achieving learners, use facilitative feedback

7.5.1. New Topic

7.6. For high-achieving learners, use verification feedback to support independent work

7.7. For low-achieving learners, use correct answer and elaboration

7.8. For learners with low learning orientation (or high performance orientation), give specific, learning goal oriented feedback