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balance by Mind Map: balance

1. Emotions

2. harmony

3. layering is clearer

4. how about you all STOP!!!

5. this is going great

6. this is going great

7. lol

8. Count and stay in rhythm

9. dont

10. Do Well

11. #PaulJohnsonForPresident2K14

11.1. Rubber Ducky


13. Emotion!

14. Flow more with the words.

15. Megatron is doing terrible tonight

16. dynamics

17. dear god what is this

18. harmonize

19. Balance

20. Balance

21. vowels!

22. Everone needs to stay quiet and pay attention so we can learn our notes and sound great.

22.1. We need to work on dynamics so we can sound loud and intense.

23. get rid of the chromebooks

24. dynamics

25. no

26. aoijsdfipuqwei

27. aksljdf;jae

28. hes mad

29. Choir is fun.

30. sing out! use vowels!:)

31. Those boys shouldn't be allowed on choir tour.

32. Yeah, being an attentive, we can all learn better and be the best we can be.