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Unit #3 by Mind Map: Unit #3
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Unit #3












What Is A Comet?

A Comet's Head

A Comet's Tail

Origins of Comets


Rocky objects that are too small and too numerous to be considered full-fledged planets are called asteroids.

Most asteroids revolve around the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Most asteroids are small-less than a kilometer in diameter.

Scientists now hypothesize that the asteroids are leftover pieces of the early solar system that never came together to form a planet.

Some asteroids have very elliptical orbits that bring them closer to the sun than Earth's orbit.


A chunk of rock or dust in space.

Meteoroids come from comets or asteroids.

How they form

When a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, friction with the air creates heat and produces a streak of light in the sky-a meteor.

Meteoroids that pass through the atmosphere and hit Earth's surface are called meteorites.

The "Goldilocks" Conditions

Conditions needed by "life as we know it."

Earth at the Center

Since geo is the Greek word for 'Earth," an Earth-centered model is known as a geocentric system.

Sun at the Center

This sun-centered model is called a heliocentric system.

Modern Discoveries

Today we know that the solar system consists of...

The Sun

The sun's interior consists of the...

The Sun's Atmosphere

Features on the Sun