My best friend tells my secret to everyone.

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My best friend tells my secret to everyone. by Mind Map: My best friend tells my secret to everyone.

1. 1) Tell everyone your best friends secret. 2)Talk to one of the teachers about the situation 3) Beat your best friend up

1.1. 1) If I tell everyone my best friends secret, the situation wouldn't get any better 2) If I try to talk to one of the teachers about the situation, people could still make fun of me. 3) If that happened, I would get suspended or expulsion from the school

1.1.1. My values are that if it is a secret about me doing some religious stuff that may seem funny, that could hurt a lot. And if my friend told everybody about what I want to be when I grow up and people make fun of me, that could crush my feelings. And also, it could turn into a physical fight which is not good for anybody's health or safety. I should go with talking to the teachers. It could start by going to one of the teachers and talk to them about the problem and ask them if they can help. If they accept to help me, I could ask them if they can call my best friend, so we could to talk to him. After that the teacher should try to tell him to stop. Then we wait for it to work, if it doesn't, then we should give him warnings until he stops. Then the teachers should tell everyone to stop it or there will be consequences for them. I think I did very well when I tried to work with the conflict, because nobody got hurt. But they still know about the secret and it could affect my life, because it could change people's views of me. It could also affect others, such as my other friends, because if they know the secret about me, it could also change their views of me. I learned that a secret can do a lot to everyone. Next time I would differently, is trying to work with my other friends, so I don't lose all my social nature.