My Goals!

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My Goals! by Mind Map: My Goals!

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

1.1. Go to the gym 3-4 times a week

1.1.1. Establish a good routine and schedule

1.1.2. Don't limit myself to just TUF or the IBC- get a good mixture of both


1.2.1. Limit myself to 1 or 2 cookies a week!

1.2.2. Find substitutes that can satisfy my sweet tooth

1.3. Incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet

1.3.1. Eat a small salad with every meal!

1.3.2. Have fruit every morning as a part of my breakfast!

1.4. Don't skip breakfast!

2. Get a 4.0

2.1. Get in the habit of planning ahead for the day's classes

2.1.1. Make use of the planner!

2.1.2. Follow the syllabus closely

2.2. Study hard

2.2.1. Read before class and after

2.2.2. Take notes during class and read back through to make sure information is retained

2.3. Utilize the resources offered to improve my study habits

2.3.1. Go to anatomy open lab hours once a week to practice with the models!

2.3.2. Visit the MSRC when things are unclear!

3. Find and join student organizations that I genuinely enjoy

3.1. Attend interest meetings

3.1.1. Do this by the end of September!

3.2. Participate in club activities

3.2.1. Go to at least 1 club activity a month!

3.2.2. Keep a log of the activities that I participate in!

3.3. Talk to my peers about what I can do to get involved

3.3.1. Talk to the executive board members of the clubs that I find most interesting and see how I can get involved

4. Figure out what I want to do over the summer

4.1. Visit the Study Abroad office

4.1.1. Attend an information session before the end of the semester!

4.1.2. Gather ideas about where I would like to visit and what I would like to do there

4.2. Talk to my peer mentors about their experiences

4.2.1. Do this before the end of the semester!

4.3. Explore my options!

4.3.1. Research and explore different research internship

4.3.2. Complete the Monell Chemical Apprentice application before the March deadline