Making a bag- lesson 3

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Making a bag- lesson 3 by Mind Map: Making a bag- lesson 3

1. Curriculum links

1.1. Investigate the suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment for a range of purposes (ACTDEP013)

1.2. ACTDEP015- Generate, develop, and communicate design ideas and decisions using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques

1.3. ACTDEP016- Select and use materials, components, tools and equipment using safe work practices to make designed solutions

1.4. ACTDEP018- Plan a sequence of production steps when making designed solutions individually and collaboratively

2. Cross- Curricular Links

2.1. Maths, Number and Measurement

2.2. Literacy, Creating an action plan ie. instructions

2.3. ICT- use of IPAD and classroom blog

2.4. Art, Textiles and design

2.4.1. This lesson can also be apart of Art as the students are creating and decorating the bag using different art principles

3. Focus Questions

3.1. Why is it important to have sustainable resources?

3.2. Can you please repeat the purpose of the task for me?

3.3. Why did you choose this template?

3.4. What are three design and technology terms?

3.5. Why is it important to label the diagram?

3.6. What are the key aspects to creating an action plan?

3.7. Do you think it is important to have a time plan? Why/why not?

4. Assessment

4.1. Diagnostic- discussion

4.2. Formative- observations, anecdotal notes

4.3. Summative- labelled diagram, design template

5. Year level

5.1. 4

5.2. Can be integrated into upper primary as well with adjustment to the style of bag the students are required to make

6. Resources

6.1. Class template

6.2. Interactive whiteboard

6.3. IPAD

6.4. Outline of final task

6.5. Classroom blog

6.6. Word Wall

6.7. Stationary

6.8. Student Workbooks

7. Step 1

7.1. Review class template and components to task ie. creating a bag to the best of their ability using all of their previous knowledge and skills from other design and technologies activities

7.2. Have a class discussion with students about sustainability and the task required of them

8. Adjustments

8.1. Students without sewing skills can use another method such as gluing to attach their bag together

8.2. Extra time many be required for students who cannot keep up with the fast pace of the unit of work

8.3. Assistance is required ie. Education Assistant for lesson 4 & 5 of the task as the unit of work is very hands on

9. Step 2

9.1. Students create their own template using the IPAD and MindMeister app or equivalent. studnets then upload template onto classroom blog.

9.2. In workbooks, students draw a labelled diagram demonstrating what the final product will look like.

9.3. Word Wall Activity- One word per pair of students

10. Step 3

10.1. Sttudents construct time management plan into their workbooks

11. Safety

11.1. This lesson requires the students to be aware of materials surrounding them- in further lessons the students will need to adhere to safety principles as the activity is very hands on

12. Theme

12.1. The overarching theme is Sustainability