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Education Technology by Mind Map: Education Technology

1. What did you learn?

1.1. I learned that there are many apps., websites, and software available to help support all students. I am very excited to have the list of all the resources so I can utilize them in my classroom.

1.2. I learned how to create a web quest. This will be a great tool for me. My school does not have a technology curriculum. I plan to create web quests to support my science and social studies lessons.

1.3. I learned more ways to incorporate Google Drive into my teaching. I used this in other classes and will use this during my computer lab time with my students.

1.4. Technology can easily be incorporated to enhance a lesson plan. I evaluated my current lessons and realized how easy it would be to add iPods or the iPads to an activity. I would like to use technology at least three days of the week.

1.5. I learned there are nine categories of technology. I plan to use the categories to determine what technology is most appropriate for the lesson.

1.6. I discovered software to create graphic organizers to help my students organize their ideas, such as

1.7. I learned more about software used to collaborate, such as Wikis. This would be great to use for group projects. Students could complete research on their own computer and share with their partners.

1.8. I learned how technology can be used to support the nine categories of instructional strategies.

1.9. I would like to offer students more opportunities to use a collaborative whiteboard to solve problems. I have students in my classroom working at all different levels, especially in math. I would like to allow them to work together more often to complete activities.

2. How are you going to find out?

2.1. I will find out through research.

2.2. I will find out by talking with other students in this class.

2.3. I will find out by talking with my colleagues.

2.4. The curriculum office at Mason has resources I can use.

3. What do you want to know?

3.1. Software that will help evaluate students quickly.

3.2. Software and apps that can be used for students working below, at, and above grade level.

3.3. I would like to learn more about smart boards and how to create interactive activities/lessons.

3.4. More ways to integrate technology in core subjects.

4. What do you know?

4.1. I know that technology motivates students.

4.2. Students are more engaged when working with technology.

4.3. Technology can help teachers monitor students progress.

4.4. Technology offers students an opportunity to find out more about something they are interested in.

4.5. It can help teachers differentiate.

4.6. Allows students to make a more creative work product.

4.7. I know how to use Skyward, a grading software.

4.8. I use the Everyday Math interactive software.

4.9. I use SmartTech in my classroom.

4.10. I know how to use Google Drive to create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

4.11. United Streaming is a tool I use during Science and Social Studies to incorporate multimedia into daily lessons.