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Khipu Management Cybernetics Club Meeting 2009/12/11 by Mind Map: Khipu Management Cybernetics Club Meeting 2009/12/11
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Khipu Management Cybernetics Club Meeting 2009/12/11

Club goals

VSM as a society refactoring tool

Solving of a problem of big systems management

Practical applying of the common theory of systems

VSM will be a base of governance to come

Creating a methodology to make social sciences positive (in epistemological meaning)


Practical applyings


Organization diagnostics

Viable systems growing

Cases for diverse activity branches


Tools to design non-commercial communities


Target audience

Managers who have understood that the management theory was hidden from them

VSM advantages

Variety control tools

Triple vector of performance

Minimization of bureaucracy

Oriented to changes

Realtime management

Balance between formal organization and decentralization

Situational center

Next steps


Brief course for newbies (with examination)

Library collection

Directions by priority

Information base of the club


Distance learning environment


Programs and algorithms repository


Client program to remotely partiсipate in club meetings

Khipu ERP (opensource VSM-based)

Why "Khipu"?

Quipu (khipu on Quechua) was a recording device used in the Tawantinsuyu (Inca state) and its predecessor societies in the Andes

Standards development


VSM notation for business processes

Adoption of existing opensource components

Methodology of interpersonal communications

Editing tool to describe subject areas