Wake Up

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Wake Up by Mind Map: Wake Up

1. 2. Identity Known

1.1. Determine Language

1.1.1. English? 14. Yes Phone Present? 15. No German?

2. 3. Want To Know What Happened?

2.1. 4. Yes

2.1.1. Phone Working? 6. Yes Pictures? 7. No Have Camera?

2.2. 5. No

2.2.1. Too Scared? A. Yes Loser. B. No Too Hungover?

3. 1. Identity Unknown

3.1. Phone Present?

3.1.1. 24. Yes Phone Working? A. Yes B. No

3.1.2. 25. No A In Hotel?

4. A journey through a foreign land.... I awake in a strange land with no memory of what happened the night before. Where am I? What Happened? Do I even know who I am? This is my decision map to answer some of these questions and find a way home.