Goals Fall 2014

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Goals Fall 2014 by Mind Map: Goals Fall 2014

1. Submit Diamond Scholars paper to conference

1.1. Spend 5-7 hours per week on paper

1.1.1. Finish outline by Sept 15th

1.1.2. First draft by October 15th

1.1.3. Second draft by November 15th

1.1.4. Final draft mid-December

1.2. Look for conferences in the Spring

1.2.1. Make list of potential conferences

1.2.2. Prepare abstract and cut paper as necessary for submission/presentation

1.2.3. Apply for CARAS grant for travel, if necessary

2. Run 5k during spring semester

2.1. Run 3-4 times per week

2.2. Look for 5k races and sign up for one

3. Get A's in Latin and Greek

3.1. Bring flash cards and textbooks for bus on the way to/from work

3.2. Attend at least 95% of scheduled classes

3.3. Study for 30min - 1hour every day

3.4. Keep up with vocabulary

4. Start getting organized for grad school applications

4.1. Continue looking at potential grad programs

4.1.1. Meet with professors to discuss best options

4.2. Sign up for the GRE

4.2.1. Study GRE Practice book 3 times per week

4.3. Pick a section of Diamond Scholars paper for writing sample

4.4. Update resume

5. Apply for summer study abroad in Rome

5.1. Renew passport

5.2. Work on application when it goes online

5.3. Talk to Honors advisor and Classics professors

5.4. Start saving money for trip

5.4.1. Put away $50 per month in savings

5.4.2. Talk to Student Financial Services

5.4.3. Work at least 20 hours per week at Saxbys