Creating a Presentation using Digital Technologies that conveys a message from: Fifty Ways to Cha...

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Creating a Presentation using Digital Technologies that conveys a message from: Fifty Ways to Change the World by Mind Map: Creating a Presentation using Digital Technologies that conveys a message from: Fifty Ways to Change the World

1. Materials Required

1.1. IWB

1.2. Relevant Software and Apps

1.3. 5 Ipads

1.4. Internet Connection

1.5. Computer

2. Focus Questions

2.1. In what ways will the presentation be promoting sustainability do you think?

2.2. What are the benefits in using technology to reach as many people as possible?

2.3. What will an engaging, meaningful presentation ‘look like’ and 'sound like'?

2.4. Why do you think it is important we have ongoing reflection?

3. Alignment with the Australian Curriculum

3.1. Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding

3.1.1. Investigate the main components of common digital systems, their basic functions and interactions, and how such digital systems may connect together to form networks to transmit data (ACTDIK014)

3.2. Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills

3.2.1. Design, modify and follow simple algorithms represented diagrammatically and in English involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration (repetition) (ACTDIP019)

3.2.2. Explain how developed solutions and existing information systems are sustainable and meet local community needs, considering opportunities and consequences for future applications (ACTDIP021)

3.2.3. Manage the creation and communication of ideas and information including online collaborative projects, applying agreed ethical, social and technical protocols (ACTDIP022)

3.2.4. Implement digital solutions as simple visual programs involving branching, iteration (repetition), and user input (ACTDIP020)

4. Digital Technologies Theme: Promoting Sustainability through Implementation of Digital Systems

5. Cross-Curricular Learning Experiences

5.1. Media Arts

5.1.1. Develop skills with media technologies to shape space, time, movement and lighting within images, sounds and text (ACAMAM063)

5.1.2. Plan, produce and present media artworks for specific audiences and purposes using responsible media practice (ACAMAM064)

5.2. English

5.2.1. Literacy Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting and sequencing appropriate content and multimodal elements for defined audiences and purposes, making appropriate choices for modality and emphasis (ACELY1710) Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience (ACELY1714)

5.2.2. Language Identify and explain how analytical images like figures, tables, diagrams, maps and graphs contribute to our understanding of verbal information in factual and persuasive texts (ACELA1524)

5.3. Design Technologies

5.3.1. Generate, develop, communicate and document design ideas and processes for audiences using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques (ACTDEP025)

5.3.2. Negotiate criteria for success that include consideration of sustainability to evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions (ACTDEP027)

6. Instructions

6.1. Create a brainstorm of ideas as a whole class using collaboration tool such as Inspiration. Click on arrow for link

6.2. Undertake learning experiences that develop skills and processes in using Garageband/Audacity. Click on arrow for link

6.3. Begin blogging as a reflective process and also to develop skills in utilising blog medium

6.4. Further develop skills and understandings of concepts that relate to manipulation of visual images and digital realities. Click on link for Layar- augmented reality app

6.5. Synthesize skills and concepts to integrate all digital technologies into a production to share with the world about sustainability.