West African Kingdoms.

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West African Kingdoms. by Mind Map: West African Kingdoms.

1. economic

1.1. Had extensive trade routes provided lots of trade

1.2. Traded with China and India.

1.3. In the early 19th century a slave could be bought in West Africa with manilla currency; multiples of X-shaped rings of bronze or other metal

1.4. African traders sold was ivory, from elephant tusks. Also sold ostrich eggs.

1.5. second image

2. geography

2.1. second image

2.2. Mali was along the Niger river

2.3. Mali had a lot of control of trade along the river

2.4. The river helped the ground to be good fertilizer

2.5. West Africa had grasslands, rainforests, and desert

2.6. The Niger River helped Mali rise against Ghana because of the resources the Niger River provided.

2.7. There were salt mines in Africa

2.8. Lake Chad, once one of Africa’s largest freshwater lakes, is located where the countries Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger.

2.9. Senegal River, Niger River, Volta River, and Benue River were all the rivers in West Africa.

3. political

3.1. Mali’s rise to power began under a ruler named Sundiata. Sundiata won back his country’s independence and conquered nearby kingdoms, including Ghana. Mali’s most famous ruler, however, was a Muslim king named Mansa Musa

4. social

4.1. extensive trade routes brought the people of ghana into contact with many people of many different cultures and beliefs

4.2. Islam was founded in the 600’s by an Arab named Muhammed

4.3. Islam quickly spread through the Arabian peninsula

4.4. In the 1060’s Ghana was attacked by a group called the Almoravids

4.5. Islam became the most practiced religion in the 1400’s

4.6. In 1324 Islam spread through a large part of West Africa

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